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Gow’s gig at AI Tokyo


Gow and Michael have finally joined together in an official project called Genez. With their debute this year they are now busy promoting an upcoming album. Their first promo event at AI Tokyo was super cool. Gow went through a dramatic makeover cutting her long tresses  into Rihanna style short one sided bob – looks really sexy. She was also wearing a dress and heels – a totally new look for her. I thought she looks much more sophisticated that way (yes, girl you do).  The new album is in J-hip-hop style with elements of enka, pop and reggae. I really enjoyed watching them together, they perform in an absolute sync and I really liked that. The songs are not completed yet so I can’t wait to hear the rest.

AI Tokyo

After event we went out for some dancing. Here are the pics! :)


Strawberry daiquiri

Snowboy latin jazz in thundering Tokyo

Billboard live

Yesterday my fiancee took me to Billboard live house for the first time and I love it. It’s located in Midtown, Roppongi and has such a great view on city and Midtown park. The view yesterday was especially good – pouring rain and lightning blurred out the city lights and created a perfect ambient atmosphere for Afro-cuban jazz performance. I was kind of familiar with the music because it’s often played on the background at home but I had no idea I would enjoy it so much. I really wanted to  just jump on my legs and dance but with my very reserved fiancee I felt somehow reserved to myself as well. I closed my eyes and tried to figure which instruments were playing at that particular moment and to my surprise I could always guess bass guitar and second bongo drums even though the sound was kind of muted.


Showboy is a British percussionist who was inspired by club jazz and then created his own Latin jazz project which many great musicians. I got to meet all of them after live and they signed my CD.

Snowboy CD

We chatted for a while and they revealed that I am probably the 100th Russian they meet in Japan on their tour because they happened to stay in the same hotel as Philharmonic orchestra from St.Petersburg.  The bass guitarist turned out to be French medical doctor – funny!

I also discovered new Mexican restaurant with great open terrace and live Mariachi music. It’s called La Colina (same group as Fonda de la Madrugada) and although food wasn’t to my liking, it is a great place to chill over Margaritas and enjoy summer breeze. Renting that terrace space for a birthday party could be a nice idea…

La Colina terrace