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Gow’s gig at AI Tokyo


Gow and Michael have finally joined together in an official project called Genez. With their debute this year they are now busy promoting an upcoming album. Their first promo event at AI Tokyo was super cool. Gow went through a dramatic makeover cutting her long tresses  into Rihanna style short one sided bob – looks really sexy. She was also wearing a dress and heels – a totally new look for her. I thought she looks much more sophisticated that way (yes, girl you do).  The new album is in J-hip-hop style with elements of enka, pop and reggae. I really enjoyed watching them together, they perform in an absolute sync and I really liked that. The songs are not completed yet so I can’t wait to hear the rest.

AI Tokyo

After event we went out for some dancing. Here are the pics! :)


Strawberry daiquiri

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