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Summer vacation at home

This year Tokyo heat really gets under my skin, I can barely take it..And it’s funny because this summer has been announced as “reika” – cold one. I went back home for a vacation and it was only then that I could breathe again. Maybe my northern roots are finally surfacing because I started to realize – I feel much better in cold rather than hot weather.

Neva sunset

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side because my family who lives in St.Petersburg complains about the constant rain and cold and wish for the heat I am running away from here in Tokyo. But when I came home and saw leaden-colored low skies and smell of salty wind I felt happy. I can’t wait for the fall to come and for all this sweaty-tank-top-situation to be over.

Valaam bridge

Now, to the news at home. My cousin is now a daddy. His wife gave birth to a sweet little baby girl Veronica. I stayed with my relatives for a day and I feel like it made us closer in spite of all the differences we have.


My nephew Polina is already 11 and she is planning to become an actress. I don’t blame her. If I looked like Dakota Fanning, I would too try out for the silver screen. Although she is actually more interested in the musicals right now. Of course Zac Efron was a big influence. :)


Most of my time I spent surrounded by nature. I really miss Russian landscapes, the smell of blueberry and moss in the forest, cost bloody sunset and the sound of crickets in the grass. My whole childhood I spent running down the hills, eating berries right from the bush and reading my books in the field of cornflowers and poppies.

Small pond dacha

So every time I get reconnected with it I feel small again, vulnerable, innocent and extremely happy. No wonder my friends can’t recognize me when I am back in Tokyo. I am just so gloomy and homesick and wish for some fairness in this world!

Valaam sosna

My best friend Anna might be visiting me in September. I so wish for it to happen because I really miss her. Here is our picture in front of Kazan cathedral – on the day of celebration of Kazan holy mother.

Anya at Kazan

Me and my brother went to see the finale of Worldwide Volvo Ocean race. We were watching the boats from the beach near Peter and Paul’s fortress. Here are some pics.


Russian boat

Alex me Neva

And here is my mom’s new dog – second one. Her name is Nika and she would do anything for ice cream. Hmm…sounds like my fiance. :)

Nika puppy

She is extremely curious, never tires to run and play and calms down only when my mom goes to bed. I was teaching her to talk to me on the phone but so far no luck. For her a phone is a type of food to eat, not something to bark into..:)

Now I know I won’t be as enthusiastic about cold when I go back home in February but it is still better than heat. At least I can wear my favorite layers and drink plenty of hot cocoa. :)

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