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Me and my gang

My guys

This is my team at NHK “テレビでロシア語” for the next half a year. Both guys are from Vladivostok and are very nice, friendly and funny. Dima on the left wants to be an actor and move to Hollywood. He is still at high school but planning to go to an acting college next year. He is very goal-oriented and ambitious. Let’s wish him good luck! And the guy on the right is my immediate partner in the show. His name is Sergey and he loves fashion. We usually go shopping together after the show and he never complains like some of my other friends when I mention Marc Jacobs 10 times in one sentence. :) Like me he is working in a small Japanese company but wishes to find a place in the world of fashion. Right now he is interviewing for many brands and shops in Tokyo, so if any of you guys have an opening, write here! :)

Last night we went drinking with our team, about 15 people in total. All of them are very nice people, caring and friendly. They have no reservations and are very curious and open-minded. We went to a Russian restaurant in Roppongi called “Baikal”. The food was very delicious and tasted almost like home! :)

I mentioned before that it was hard for me to get used to the long hour shootings but it’s getting better and better. Last time we finished way ahead of time and I really enjoyed it!!! Now I can’t wait for the next one. The first show is tonight on NHK 教育channel at 12:30.

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  1. Thilo #

    Are you wearing those glasses in the show?

    October 21, 2009
  2. hehe no! These are my geek glasses! I use them as my security blanket when walking outside! ^-^

    October 21, 2009

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