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My **th Birthday! :)

Cake at the office
Yes, I hit the age at which it is officially impolite to reveal it. :) Luckily the more I age the more friends I get and they all made my birthday very special. I received bunch of messages but in a very bizarre sequence with my mom being almost the last one. :) Hehe, yes she is not on my top 10 fan list and nor is my boyfriend. :) My boss sent the last message and left French perfume on my desk! Yay! Surprisingly the very first message came from my friend in Second Life. She always remembers my real life birthday but never IMs me on my Second life rezday, hehe! :) And I received tons of presents too. And the best part is everyone who gave me a present chose something they knew I wanted. Do I talk too much about things I don’t have? Everyone has such a superb memory giving me something I mentioned long time ago.

Dress from Laura

Me and Laura at Kura

Laura gave me a beautiful pale pink dress for my TV show because I told her I have nothing to wear next shooting, Vincent gave me foi gras because I mentioned I wanted to eat it, my brother gave me a Vince coat and Juicy couture sneakers because I told him I had no comfortable shoes for autumn and let’s just say my boyfriend won’t be showing his face at Marc Jacobs store for the next year or so. :) Of course my mom was too busy to send me anything but she said I can use her credit card to buy me a present…Hmm, should I go for Frye Veronica boots or get upset and throw a tantrum? I might do both! :)
After work I came home and was surprised by a candle lit room with balloons and my boyfriend cooking me Russian dinner from scratch. He used Numao Kyoko’s recipe book and made a very nice beef stroganoff and mushroom satay. And I had NY triple chocolate cake with Macadamia nuts and cherry liqueur. My diet went down the drain but it was the best chocolate cake I have ever had!

NY chocolate cake
Thank you guys so much for everything! I love you all!!!

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