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How I met Boris Akunin

Akunin, lecture

Boris Akunin is an “it” writer at the moment in Russia. His books have their own shelves in the book stores and many were made into the movies and tv series. He is writing in various genres but one of his main projects is a fictional 19th century detective story about Erast Fandorin – a lucky states counselor/detective who has unveiled many mysteries around the world and even challenged Sherlock Homes.^-^

The writer came to Tokyo to receive an honorary award for his contribution to the cultural exchange between Russia and Japan. He then gave a lecture at Tokyo university about Japan through the eyes of Russian people during the period of 150 years. It was really interesting not only because of the contents but also because of the language he used and his own personal experience that added colors to the story he was telling. He divided our perception of Japan into 4 distinct periods were it changed dramatically and simultaneously with the history and political situations of our countries. I really enjoyed it and if I find a transcript somewhere, Ill post the link.

Akunin and me

I was invited to his lecture by Numano Kyoko – one of his oldest friends and translators. Thanks to her I got the chance to get an autograph and take a picture with him. I also found out that a new Fandorin book is coming this December! Yay!

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