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Fujinomiya waterfalls and flowers

Fujinomiya waterfalls

A few weeks ago we drove to Fujinomiya to see its famous waterfalls and ice caves. It was a perfect autumn day with heavy sky and crisp air and fog in the mountains. I love this kind of days with an attitude. They make you feel in a certain way and tell you the story as you drive by the fields of cosmos flowers and pampas grass and cloudy mountains.


I am an autumn girl so I tend to romanticize the mud on the road and cold rain and smell of old leaves, hehe. But its kind of cool to feel the change of season in the air, to feel cold again after so many days of hot humidity.


So anyway, we went to see the waterfalls and they were really magnificent, crystal clear water and such a quiet valley, no people to spoil your photo. ^-^ After the falls we went to see ice caves which were really cold and slippery and very narrow. At one point I had to crawl to get further inside. It was scary especially because I was wearing rubber sole sneakers and could fall any second.


Later we went to see the garden of autumn flowers, mainly cosmos, late roses, begonias and some purple flowers that looked like lavender but were something else. I love flowers  so my boyfriend takes me to the various gardens and parks all year round. ^-^

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