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This is an apple

A few days ago I was asked to draw an apple for the next shooting to use as a scene prop for an accusative case exercise. The last time I used crayons and watercolors was when I was 14 and obsessed with everything Disney. Ever since that time I almost never touch pencil and paper except for the occasional massacre sketches of my colleagues that I draw during corporate meetings. So I asked if it was ok to draw it in a digital form on a computer screen but the idea was quickly turned down. The drawing had to look hand-drawn..So after work I dragged myself to the Loft and bought 20 crayons and a sketch paper. Art supplies are crazy expensive in Japan, every pencil was like 3$ so I spent 60$ just for that. At first I drew a composition of a green apple in various cut stages. I just couldn’t think of a good way to fill the white space with just one apple.

Then my manager called and said that it HAS to be just one apple otherwise they would have to change the script from an apple to the apples. I was furious! It’s not an Illustrator file, I can’t just erase stuff! So I made another drawing with just one apple and that’s the one they used for the shooting yesterday. It’s very sloppy partly because I was watching “Grey’s anatomy” while drawing but considering the circumstances my conscience is clean!

After the shooting we went out for dinner with Serezha’s friend Tanya and Dima who eats so much we can’t go to a decent restaurant without spending a fortune there. So we ended up eating steaks at the Royal host. ^-^

Mia’s birthday

Mia in dance costume & me

Mia is just like Vincent prefers to throw her own birthday party every year because dinner at the Outback with a bunch of paper hats just won’t do it for her. This time the party was in a small cafe/art gallery in Meguro with live painting, wine tasting and Mia’s own Balinese dance performance. She’s been dancing for years now and every time it’s a breathtaking experience to watch her. In Asian dancing everything from head to toes moves in different directions and you as a dancer have to control it simultaneously and make it look effortless and graceful. Whether it’s a Balinese dance or a dance of a Geisha, take a closer look at how eyes move in one way whereas the rest of the face stays still as if wearing a mask and then the hands and legs move the other way making every move so unexpected and interesting.

Yogi, Mia & me

At the party I happened to meet a bunch of strangers who knew me, that was a fun thing to discover considering I came alone. I made some friends and then met Yogi and Lille who also came by solo. It was more like a at Mia’s birthday party because there were about 50 or so people and all of them didn’t know each other at all. ^-^

This is it!

in front of cinema

On thursday me and the boys went to the movies to see “This is it”. Althougth the movie itself was nothing more but a rehearsal footage for MJ’s final world tour, it really inspired me. All those hundreds of people working in absolute sync, knowing exactly what they need to do, perfecting each movement, each sound, each scene to make something incredible. I watch SYTUCD so I have seen professional dancers before but the ones in the movie were even better, everything they did was so effortless, so amazingly beautiful and powerful. And the musicians and light technicians and everyone else understood MJ’s without words. Like one time he stopped the performance to tell that his inner mic didn’t work properly and then when the issue was fixed in under a minute he requested to continue from the middle of another song and in boom in absolute sync, dancers and musicians continued knowing exactly which move, which cord to start from. It was a real woow moment for me.

me and ...where are the Christmas lights?

After the movie, we went out to see Roppongi hills Christmas illumination and take some photos but it was very windy so everyone we asked to photograph us couldn’t hold the camera still long enough to take a good night picture..

in front of BR

Genez at Shibuya O-east

Yesterday Genez were performing at Shibuya O-east as a part of a charity project called “Shake forward”. Their 15 minutes gig was a huge success and really raised a bar for all the other artists performing after them. They opened with a brand new song I never heard before and then did a booty shaking “Bungee jump” and then their single “One step”. Check out my other youtube videos for all three songs.

Genez and girls

After that we had dinner at Outback, just us girls talking about our girly stuff (Victoria’s secret and strawberries…yeah right). Recently boyfriends are always around so we haven’t had an opportunity like that to just ditch everyone and badmouth them behind their backs! Ok, joking..well, almost! ^-^

Girls at Outback

Product differentiation

Back in college I learned that many brands differentiate their products to make a better fit for international market penetration. That’s how Spanish MacDonald is selling gazpacho soup or Russian MacDonald is selling sour cream potato and that’s how when you buy a green tea in Japan it’s bitter but when you buy it in Europe it’s sweet and sometimes sparkling. So guys, meet the brand new Azuki Pepsi!

Azuki pepsi

I’m sure you can only buy it in Japan and I’m sure you wouldn’t like the taste if you are foreigner. Azuki is a red bean paste that is a base ingredient for many Japanese sweets. In fact, the very first thing I ate when I came to Japan was anko bar – a super sweet jelly thingie made out of red beans – azuki. It was a bad first impression of course. The girl who bought it for me was just trying to introduce me to some very typical Japanese food so she bought me oolong tea that smelled like cigarettes ( for 6 months I used to call it the cigarette tea), anko bar and cup noodles. I cried that night wishing for my mom’s mushroom zhulien and tea with raspberry that doesn’t smell like cigarettes. Well, now I can’t live without oolong tea and drink 6 bottles every day. Guess who’s been in Japan for too long? hehe

I kissed the girl and I liked it..

As opposed to Katy Perry my kiss may have been accidental and completely unintentional but yeah ok, I did get this much drunk to completely not care anymore. ^-^ What do you really expect – it’s Halloween – a one day of the year where it’s publicly accepted to be out of control. ^-^

Betty G.I. Cat

Ok, this year I was ugly and a victim as in Ugly Betty and a fashion victim. Besides the Ugly Betty costume I also wore purple stockings with red vintage Miu Miu shoes and pink cardigan. I won’t be caught dead in such outfit on a normal occasion so wearing it was a big stretch for me. :) I am actually very proud of myself for going out like that all by myself and all the way to Yokohama where our party began.

Betty Cat

We started drinking at a cozy little bar in Ishikawacho where I met in the order of appearance – an alien, a pregnant crack-whore, a G.I.Jen in zombified state, Lady Gaga, a very naughty cat and a witch in the company of someone bleeding to death.

Betty Gaga


After scaring and being scared all the while drinking we head to Shibuya where we met with Dima dressed as Dima and Serezha dressed as Serezha. ^-^ Yeah, I know! They could have at least swapped!


We tried finding a club to enter but everywhere were lines and lines of people so we took a taxi to Roppongi and went to our haven – a place that can always refuge us Halloween creatures. It’s a small club at the end of the strip where we used to dance salsa post-Sarah & Alberto.

My entourage

It was a “Boom-boom-boom..” moment when I could no longer bear wearing the wig and the poncho so I stripped back to my blonde self. ^-^ A moment later I started to see familiar faces here and there and then another moment later I saw an unfamiliar face right in front of mine. Don’t worry boyfriends! It was a girl – no cheating unless it’s an opposite sex, right? Hehe! Joking!

Gow Lille

Towards the second part of the night Serezha got pretty drunk and was working some girls while some Brazilian boobs…oops? Did I say boobs? I means girls! were working Dima. I have a proof!

Serezha Gaga

Dima and the girls

Then came Gow’s entourage and things heated up. Luckily I was on my 8th Corona and everything was happy and blurry! ^-^ Thanks to a magical ukon that Lille introduced me to I had no hangover the next morning. It’s a thing you drink before drinking to avoid all the “Oops, I did it again” moments. The only downside of it – you stay awake for a long time! On my 40th hour of being awake I was a walking zombie!

Me and Gow

All in all it was a great party! As to which one of these girls I kissed – that’s the secret I’ll never tell! ^-^