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I kissed the girl and I liked it..

As opposed to Katy Perry my kiss may have been accidental and completely unintentional but yeah ok, I did get this much drunk to completely not care anymore. ^-^ What do you really expect – it’s Halloween – a one day of the year where it’s publicly accepted to be out of control. ^-^

Betty G.I. Cat

Ok, this year I was ugly and a victim as in Ugly Betty and a fashion victim. Besides the Ugly Betty costume I also wore purple stockings with red vintage Miu Miu shoes and pink cardigan. I won’t be caught dead in such outfit on a normal occasion so wearing it was a big stretch for me. :) I am actually very proud of myself for going out like that all by myself and all the way to Yokohama where our party began.

Betty Cat

We started drinking at a cozy little bar in Ishikawacho where I met in the order of appearance – an alien, a pregnant crack-whore, a G.I.Jen in zombified state, Lady Gaga, a very naughty cat and a witch in the company of someone bleeding to death.

Betty Gaga


After scaring and being scared all the while drinking we head to Shibuya where we met with Dima dressed as Dima and Serezha dressed as Serezha. ^-^ Yeah, I know! They could have at least swapped!


We tried finding a club to enter but everywhere were lines and lines of people so we took a taxi to Roppongi and went to our haven – a place that can always refuge us Halloween creatures. It’s a small club at the end of the strip where we used to dance salsa post-Sarah & Alberto.

My entourage

It was a “Boom-boom-boom..” moment when I could no longer bear wearing the wig and the poncho so I stripped back to my blonde self. ^-^ A moment later I started to see familiar faces here and there and then another moment later I saw an unfamiliar face right in front of mine. Don’t worry boyfriends! It was a girl – no cheating unless it’s an opposite sex, right? Hehe! Joking!

Gow Lille

Towards the second part of the night Serezha got pretty drunk and was working some girls while some Brazilian boobs…oops? Did I say boobs? I means girls! were working Dima. I have a proof!

Serezha Gaga

Dima and the girls

Then came Gow’s entourage and things heated up. Luckily I was on my 8th Corona and everything was happy and blurry! ^-^ Thanks to a magical ukon that Lille introduced me to I had no hangover the next morning. It’s a thing you drink before drinking to avoid all the “Oops, I did it again” moments. The only downside of it – you stay awake for a long time! On my 40th hour of being awake I was a walking zombie!

Me and Gow

All in all it was a great party! As to which one of these girls I kissed – that’s the secret I’ll never tell! ^-^

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