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Product differentiation

Back in college I learned that many brands differentiate their products to make a better fit for international market penetration. That’s how Spanish MacDonald is selling gazpacho soup or Russian MacDonald is selling sour cream potato and that’s how when you buy a green tea in Japan it’s bitter but when you buy it in Europe it’s sweet and sometimes sparkling. So guys, meet the brand new Azuki Pepsi!

Azuki pepsi

I’m sure you can only buy it in Japan and I’m sure you wouldn’t like the taste if you are foreigner. Azuki is a red bean paste that is a base ingredient for many Japanese sweets. In fact, the very first thing I ate when I came to Japan was anko bar – a super sweet jelly thingie made out of red beans – azuki. It was a bad first impression of course. The girl who bought it for me was just trying to introduce me to some very typical Japanese food so she bought me oolong tea that smelled like cigarettes ( for 6 months I used to call it the cigarette tea), anko bar and cup noodles. I cried that night wishing for my mom’s mushroom zhulien and tea with raspberry that doesn’t smell like cigarettes. Well, now I can’t live without oolong tea and drink 6 bottles every day. Guess who’s been in Japan for too long? hehe

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