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Genez at Shibuya O-east

Yesterday Genez were performing at Shibuya O-east as a part of a charity project called “Shake forward”. Their 15 minutes gig was a huge success and really raised a bar for all the other artists performing after them. They opened with a brand new song I never heard before and then did a booty shaking “Bungee jump” and then their single “One step”. Check out my other youtube videos for all three songs.

Genez and girls

After that we had dinner at Outback, just us girls talking about our girly stuff (Victoria’s secret and strawberries…yeah right). Recently boyfriends are always around so we haven’t had an opportunity like that to just ditch everyone and badmouth them behind their backs! Ok, joking..well, almost! ^-^

Girls at Outback

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  1. seru #

    sugoooi!Gow tak klassno poyot – u menya azh murashki zabegali

    November 14, 2009
  2. Haha, nu vot vidish chto ti propustil! V sleduyushiy raz prihodi, podderzhi gruppu! ^-^

    November 14, 2009

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