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This is it!

in front of cinema

On thursday me and the boys went to the movies to see “This is it”. Althougth the movie itself was nothing more but a rehearsal footage for MJ’s final world tour, it really inspired me. All those hundreds of people working in absolute sync, knowing exactly what they need to do, perfecting each movement, each sound, each scene to make something incredible. I watch SYTUCD so I have seen professional dancers before but the ones in the movie were even better, everything they did was so effortless, so amazingly beautiful and powerful. And the musicians and light technicians and everyone else understood MJ’s without words. Like one time he stopped the performance to tell that his inner mic didn’t work properly and then when the issue was fixed in under a minute he requested to continue from the middle of another song and in boom in absolute sync, dancers and musicians continued knowing exactly which move, which cord to start from. It was a real woow moment for me.

me and ...where are the Christmas lights?

After the movie, we went out to see Roppongi hills Christmas illumination and take some photos but it was very windy so everyone we asked to photograph us couldn’t hold the camera still long enough to take a good night picture..

in front of BR

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  1. I too was totally impressed with M.J. and those he chose to bring his music to life once more. I was never really a big fan of his, except for his “Thriller” days – he set the bar very high after that one.
    “This Is It” gave me a new appreciation of M.J., his talent, his humanity.
    A true inspiration.

    November 15, 2009

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