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Mia’s birthday

Mia in dance costume & me

Mia is just like Vincent prefers to throw her own birthday party every year because dinner at the Outback with a bunch of paper hats just won’t do it for her. This time the party was in a small cafe/art gallery in Meguro with live painting, wine tasting and Mia’s own Balinese dance performance. She’s been dancing for years now and every time it’s a breathtaking experience to watch her. In Asian dancing everything from head to toes moves in different directions and you as a dancer have to control it simultaneously and make it look effortless and graceful. Whether it’s a Balinese dance or a dance of a Geisha, take a closer look at how eyes move in one way whereas the rest of the face stays still as if wearing a mask and then the hands and legs move the other way making every move so unexpected and interesting.

Yogi, Mia & me

At the party I happened to meet a bunch of strangers who knew me, that was a fun thing to discover considering I came alone. I made some friends and then met Yogi and Lille who also came by solo. It was more like a at Mia’s birthday party because there were about 50 or so people and all of them didn’t know each other at all. ^-^

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  1. Mia #

    Thanks for uploading the video !
    And I was glad you came even by yourself, like Yogi and Lille coz finally we all had fun together !Actually 60 people came and some of them were strangers to me too ! I felt very popular ha ha !I was just a littel bit sad Vincent couldn’t make it this time…
    But more than than I felt I have great friends like you !!!

    December 6, 2009

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