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This is an apple

A few days ago I was asked to draw an apple for the next shooting to use as a scene prop for an accusative case exercise. The last time I used crayons and watercolors was when I was 14 and obsessed with everything Disney. Ever since that time I almost never touch pencil and paper except for the occasional massacre sketches of my colleagues that I draw during corporate meetings. So I asked if it was ok to draw it in a digital form on a computer screen but the idea was quickly turned down. The drawing had to look hand-drawn..So after work I dragged myself to the Loft and bought 20 crayons and a sketch paper. Art supplies are crazy expensive in Japan, every pencil was like 3$ so I spent 60$ just for that. At first I drew a composition of a green apple in various cut stages. I just couldn’t think of a good way to fill the white space with just one apple.

Then my manager called and said that it HAS to be just one apple otherwise they would have to change the script from an apple to the apples. I was furious! It’s not an Illustrator file, I can’t just erase stuff! So I made another drawing with just one apple and that’s the one they used for the shooting yesterday. It’s very sloppy partly because I was watching “Grey’s anatomy” while drawing but considering the circumstances my conscience is clean!

After the shooting we went out for dinner with Serezha’s friend Tanya and Dima who eats so much we can’t go to a decent restaurant without spending a fortune there. So we ended up eating steaks at the Royal host. ^-^

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  1. ments #

    Can you really speak german ?
    You are so excellent.

    November 25, 2009

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