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L & V’s birthday (not wedding)

That’s how it was officially announced – a birthday party, not a wedding! L and V decided to throw one big party this year because their birthdays are only two weeks apart.

They rented a cute little French restaurant in Shinjuku and invited quite a crowd – the usual kind, people you can only meet at their birthdays – actors, singers, entertainment managers and producers, makeup artists and the weird people. I love the last kind the most. This time, my most favorite was the guy dressed as Prince Charming with a servant by his side. I so wanted to talk to him but me starring at him so hard must have spooked him away coz he left short after arrival. Damn, I wish I could get inside his head and see how everything works in the magical little world of his..

Unfortunately, my birthday surprise to V was totally ruined by his mean little friend who called him and revealed that’s the present is gonna be Nintendo Wii. I spend half an hour wrapping it in silver paper with four different kinds of ribbons and then dragging it all the way to Shinjuku in the rain. If I knew V is gonna know about it, I wouldn’t bother.. I so wanted to surprise him…

It was also a debut night for my brand new toy Panasonic GF-1 single lens camera I bought for my upcoming trip to Patagonia. It’s perfect! It takes great photos in the dark and the portraits are beautiful!! I already tamed it but of course all the pictures with me in it that were taken by somebody else are blurry because if you’re bad at taking pictures, good camera won’t help you..

A-ha special concert in Tokyo

For those who don’t know A-ha is a great Norwegian band that had a huge success in the 80ties but was almost forgotten in the 90ties. Surprisingly, their new albums were the ones that influenced me the most. Their album “Minor Earth Major Sky” has become the soundtrack to my yet another international love romance this time in Poland, right before I took off to Japan. That sounds awful! In reality, it was a two days flirt with a sweet Polish guy who somehow thought I was cool. I went to Poland for three days for AEISEC training camp and … well, that’s another story! ^-^

Last time I went to A-ha’s concert was 10 years ago with my dad and it was almost the last thing we did together before he passed away. That’s why going this time was something I absolutely had to do if not for the sake of music, then for the sake of bringing back the memories I cherish so much. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. My dad took me shopping and bought me beautiful Casadei boots and Versace skirt and then we went to the concert hall where he rented a cabin right in front of the stage and we watched the whole thing drinking campaign and talking and laughing…

So, this time, two weeks before the concert Alex called me and said that A-ha were coming to Tokyo too. I had no idea! There were no posters, no advertisement – nothing! Of course it was also too late to get the tickets. We had to hunt them down on yahoo auction and buy at a higher price. On the day of the concert, Dima who also wanted to go very much, went to the place half an hour before the show and bought the damn ticket at the official sales office for the best seat! I have no idea how things like that can happen in Japan.. I checked every single sales office and none had the tickets, but when Dima went half an hour before the show, he could get it for less money than what I paid at the auction!!!!

The place was packed! It was a much smaller hall than the one in St.Petersburg so I guess it was also a smaller budget because there were no stage decorations, no screens, no dancers..If you compare my pictures with the ones Alex took, you might think it was a different concert! I liked it nonetheless. I loved the songs and I loved the fact that the band came back for encore three times just like the last time. It was great being in that moment again, reliving all those memories of me being happy and young and fearless.. Do I sound like a pitty old lady? Shame on me! I should probably go to bed! ^-^