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L & V’s birthday (not wedding)

That’s how it was officially announced – a birthday party, not a wedding! L and V decided to throw one big party this year because their birthdays are only two weeks apart.

They rented a cute little French restaurant in Shinjuku and invited quite a crowd – the usual kind, people you can only meet at their birthdays – actors, singers, entertainment managers and producers, makeup artists and the weird people. I love the last kind the most. This time, my most favorite was the guy dressed as Prince Charming with a servant by his side. I so wanted to talk to him but me starring at him so hard must have spooked him away coz he left short after arrival. Damn, I wish I could get inside his head and see how everything works in the magical little world of his..

Unfortunately, my birthday surprise to V was totally ruined by his mean little friend who called him and revealed that’s the present is gonna be Nintendo Wii. I spend half an hour wrapping it in silver paper with four different kinds of ribbons and then dragging it all the way to Shinjuku in the rain. If I knew V is gonna know about it, I wouldn’t bother.. I so wanted to surprise him…

It was also a debut night for my brand new toy Panasonic GF-1 single lens camera I bought for my upcoming trip to Patagonia. It’s perfect! It takes great photos in the dark and the portraits are beautiful!! I already tamed it but of course all the pictures with me in it that were taken by somebody else are blurry because if you’re bad at taking pictures, good camera won’t help you..

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  1. Interesting blog, we share a birthday. Came across your place while doing a search for Christmas illumination in Japan.

    December 21, 2009

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