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Not yet spring..

Last weekend me and the company I work for went to a “gasshuku” – corporate outing to Chiba. Rich companies usually choose Okinawa or even abroad for their semi-annual meetings but then again some companies don’t do it at all and as much as I appreciate my weekends off, once in while it is kinda nice to go out with the whole company and do something fun together. I love Japanese suburban landscapes and I love trips out of Tokyo – that’s where I start to see trees and other wonders of nature. My friend has bought this new Italian film for his camera so we went to try it out during lunch break and after a much-heated discussion about how all Windows PC should die, at least in our company and preferably within this year.

I found this beautiful tree so I absolutely had to climbed it. It already started to wake up from winter sleep. Here and there I could see the leaf-buds.

The film is really interesting. It gives you this vintage effect like old Polaroid.

This was the last shot on the way back to the hotel. I like it because you can see my brand new bag there. It was 70% off at Zadig et Voltaire – my favorite French brand that is slowly dying in Japan because of the intense competition.. The design is featuring zippers all around it – similar to Alexander Wang tote bags..And it’s purple! ^-^ I love it!

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