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Just another sunday

Ebisu metropolitan museum of photography is one of my favorite places in Tokyo. It always hosts interesting exhibitions and many of them are free. Till last year it held an annual Media art festival – one of my favorite events. Unfortunately this year I missed it because it was moved from March to February but I managed to see another one similar to MAF. It’s called International festival for arts & alternative visions. It’s gonna run for 10 days and will held exhibitions, screening programs, live events and lectures from artists all over the world. This year’s theme is called “searching songs”. Each artist displays their work as a “song” using various visual images as a language to address many past and present issues. Some were quite disturbing like a young Japanese girl who spoke with a male voice about war experience like it was her own. Then, there was a white naked room with black sitting blocks and blinking light. You are to sit there and listen to the whispers that travel around the room. The amplitude of sound varied dramatically and with sync to the blinking light. I couldn’t spend there more than 30 seconds without my mind starting to go to the dark place but some people sat there for a long time, with their head low and their eyes closed..

My favorite part was of course photo exhibition – the silent story through the pictures of silhouettes and shadows told by
Henri Cartier-Bresson or Polaroid collection of old cinemas. Faded and deserted Majestic or Odeon could tell so much about their days of glory through the torn hand-drawn posters and broken neon lamps. Then, there was a movie of a busy street taken upside down where the shadows turned into people who created them. There are many worlds within worlds, everything has it’s own story, even our shadows have lives of their own. The power of visual image is endless and so incredible..

After museum, we went for a walk in Ebisu garden place. It was very cold but sunny – I could feel spring in the air.

We had lunch at Subway. They’ve got this new sandwich – with burger made from grilled vegetables and tofu. It’s perfect for me so I’m gonna feed on it till Easter. ^-^ It’s tasty and has no meat, fish, eggs or milk. I’m happy I could find something that can keep me going during fasting period.

In the afternoon, I ran into my friend at Isetan so we went to eat mochi – japanese sweets made from rice powder and anko paste. It’s really nice and healthy and again doesn’t contain anything animal. There is this really good shop in Shinjuku, next to Marui sports. Right now, they are selling seasonal strawberry buns and white anko paste mochi.

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