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Snowy weekend

Last weekend I went to Sapporo for cross-country skiing. The day the spring finally came to Tokyo I went back to winter, tons of snow and freezing temperature.^-^

I hated skiing as a child because of my gym teacher who found pleasure in torturing me any way she could. Last time I stood on skis was almost 20 years ago so I thought I would totally suck.

However, it came natural to me, I glided  across terrain and down the slopes with a good balance and fell only once where the slope went down in a curve. I flew straight into the snow-drift by the road with my skis high in the air. It was pretty funny!

And of course since I was in Hokkaido I ate lots of delicious food – my favorite was soup curry, this time with sweet cabbage and tofu. We even splurged on crabs and sashimi. ^-^

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