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A tale of a traveling postcard

With my crazy schedule in Chile and tiring hikes each day, I procrastinated my postcard writing business till the very last moment when I was about to cross border to Argentina. I bought stamps at the hotel and wrote three postcards on the bus hoping to drop them off at the border but there was no mailbox and no opportunity to ask someone to do it for me because the location was remote and because I couldn’t speak any Spanish. So I took a leap of faith and left postcards on the seat of the bus with a note attached to them asking to drop them off at any mailbox in Chile.

I already had the stamps on and I really wanted the postcards to arrive from Chile as I sent them from every place I visited during my Patagonia trip. I took off leaving the postcards behind and hoping that whoever finds them will be kind enough to help. After all, the bus was leaving back to Chile in the evening.

When I got back to Tokyo, I received 4 out of 5 postcards that I sent to my husband.

The last one was missing, the one I left on the bus. I lost all hope to get it until yesterday when I found it in my mailbox lying modestly among the advertisement junk.

It had Mexican sticker on top of my original stamp which means that it was paid to be re-routed. I was really amazed and filled with joy and appreciation to whoever sent it to me. Imagine that! A postcard left on the bus in El Calafate found its way back to me after all this time! It truly is a miracle that proves again and again that there is some good in this world!

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