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My new toys

I have forgotten all about “My gadgets” category recently. I change my PCs, cameras and phones so often, I don’t have time to blog about them.. But these two beauties are gonna stay, I love them.

This is my very first single lens camera – Lumix DMC-GF1. It’s an entry level and some say not even a single lens camera but rather something they call “micro four-thirds” but nonetheless it is so very different from what I used to have and it takes absolutely gorgeous pictures. I bought pancake lens set, exactly like on the picture but in black. It’s compact and the lens are very bright, giving me an opportunity to take night scenes in astonishing detail. Despite the missing language support it has intuitive interface that I could use right away without reading manual. Thanks to various presets, I need to do only very little. I am thinking of buying zoom lens as well, definitely before my brother’s wedding in July. ^-^

The second camera is a compact Sony DSC-TX5 released only last week. It’s very light and I can carry it in my pocket or bag on a daily basis. The main feature is waterproof and dust resistance. I can use this camera 3 meters underwater and when shooting something in rain or snow. My poor Lumix suffered a lot in the Laguna de los tres in Argentina. The weather kept changing every couple of minutes for burning sun to freezing rain and then snow. I took only a few pictures there before Lumix got absolutely soaked with water and I had to put it away. With Sony I can take pictures while skiing and swimming. In fact, pictures from Hokkaido were taken by Sony. It also doesn’t have any language support which is quite weird because the same model is being released worldwide. Why not implement the support into a camera and sell the same one around the globe like Canon?

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