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Kiyosumi gardens and MOT museum

Today was finally a sunny day after a week of cold rainy ones..So me and my husband without wasting this precious opportunity went out to see Hussein Chalayan’s art exhibit at MOT museum and took a little detour to Kiyosumi garden which is located at the same Kameido station. The highlight of the garden is a collection of stepping and decorative stones that were brought here from all over Japan. One of them has a famous haiku carved on it : 古池や蛙飛び込む水の音(The sound of a frog, jumping into an old pond).

The garden was amazing! It was one of those breathtaking traditional Japanese gardens where you can enjoy something different every step you take. It was a bit too early to see Azalea and Hydrangea but the Taiwan cherry was in full bloom and the view was spectacular.

The whole atmosphere of the garden was very uplifting and spiritual (minus of course the minor but nonetheless disturbing appearances of some loud obnoxious tourists wearing yukata over jeans).

The main visitors of the garden were senior Japanese ladies, so graceful in their kimono outfits. There is a nice tea house in the middle of the garden so I guess they like going there. Unfortunately I felt too shy to take their pictures..

And there were plenty of carps jumping out of water for food and turtles sunbathing on the rocks and ducks.

I could even spot couple of storks.

There was also this very old umbrella like structure that I really liked. I have no idea how it was made.

And then, somehow the Japanese maple that is usually green this time of year was red as it would be in November.. I guess that’s why they say that you can enjoy all seasons at once in this particular garden.

The Hussein Chalayan exhibition was great too! It showcased him as an innovative designer that has a well-thought and always original concept behind each collection. His very first collection that he presented upon graduating from St.Martins college of Art and Design was made out of decomposed silk that he kept filled with iron filings in the basement of some building till it became rusty and produced an original texture. The exhibition itself was not just an outline of his work as a fashion designer but also it also presented some of his ideas through art installations and short films.

The exhibition is going to last until 20th of June so anyone interested, there is still plenty of time.

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