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GW report

As always Golden week went by in a dash. It feels like it has just started but tomorrow I already have to go back to work. Fortunately I had a lot of fun meeting my friends and doing things that I don’t usually have time for.

On Friday, I took my “仮免許” test – a learner’s permit test that allows you to drive in the city. I failed on Thursday because I was too confident and didn’t pay attention while doing the “S” shape course…But on Friday I passed and got my permission to start second stage of my driving lessons. Tomorrow, I am driving in the city! Yay!

After the test, I met Ilya from St.Petersburg who came to study in Japan. While we were waiting for his friend to come, me and Rodion took him to see Japanese girls at 109. For those who don’t know – 109 is a club like department store that sells cheap apparel. Girls who work there are typical representatives of Japanese pop culture – always cute, loud and fake. You can’t take your eyes off of them. My friend took couple of snapshots. ^-^

Since Rodion joined us , our dinner turned into a heated discussion about Japan and culture shock and first impressions. His point of view is always too deep to understand while being sober, so it took us no time to get absolutely drunk at some bar, somewhere in Shibuya where he took us.

I don’t usually drink tequila but after my driving test that made me so nervous I gave in and had two shots or so I can remember. The rest is a bit blurry and I still have to question my friends about details..^-^ There are some stories about us playing at a game center but I have no memory of it..

The next day, I went to see a soccer game with my little minions.

Kawasaki Frontale played against Shonan Del Mare and won 4:2. We were supporting Frontale so the victory was ours.

After the game we were supposed to meet Dante and go see “Alice in wonderland” but the tickets were totally sold out so instead we went shopping and then had dinner at a French crepe restaurant.

On Sunday I stayed home working on one of my side projects but in the evening met with Serezha in Shinjuku for a Haitian dinner.

It was a nice combination of Caribbean taste and Japanese comfort food. I had cream “コロッケ” with tomato rice and pickled green pepper. I don’t know how much of it was Haitian but it tasted good and I also didn’t mind rum in my coffee. ^-^

After dinner, Serezha agreed to go to Abercrombie with me to check out some skinny jeans I had my eyes on. So we went to Shimbashi and got me a brand new pair of jeans absolutely free, thanks to my affair with returns (see previous entries).

As always, when we went out we smelled like the perfume they spray on everything inside the shop. Seriously, how can the staff tolerate such intense smell all day long…

On Monday, I was going to go see poppies in Odaiba but because of work and some other stuff stayed home instead until the late afternoon when I could bare no more being indoors. At last the weather is good and I have to stay home! No way! I took my iphone and went to the only park that is open after 5 – Yoyogi koen.

There, I just sat on the grass and worked for a couple of hours. Yes, that was a type of work you can do on your iphone. ^-^ On my way to the park I took pictures of some random Shibuya shops. ^-^

It was a flower festival in Shibuya and Harajuku so there were flowers literally everywhere. They were even being given out in front of Parco.

Then, a funny thing happened. I went out of the park but took a wrong exit and instead of Shibuya, got out in Harajuku. It always happens to me when I daydream about something. But since I was there, I checked my favorite spot near the bridge for Harajuku cosplay crowd and saw these two guys (or maybe girls?) posing together with some eastern European ladies. ^-^

Then, because it was ages since I’ve been there, I went to Kiddyland to check out new toys and discovered the whole corner dedicated to Cheburashka. I bet you can’t find this stuff in Russia.

On Tuesday me and my husband rented a car and went to Hakone onsen. More about it in the next entry.

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  1. seru #

    わあ!of course cheburashika will never be more popular than Stitch in Japan, but pleasant to see it anyhow

    May 6, 2010

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