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John Mayer & umbrellas

Two days ago I went to see John Mayer in Tokyo dome and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. The sound was amazing and John Mayer’s voice..well, it’s a kind of voice that doesn’t happen very often. The moment he stepped on stage and started first accords of Assassin, I knew I’m gonna have a great time. After each song I wanted to scream “Thank you”! – for the performance, the lyrics, the melody, the intricate guitar arrangements – everything was such a perfection. He changed his guitars from song to song from electric to acoustic to some bluesy type I don’t know the name of. In between the songs, John spoke a little Japanese and the crowd went crazy, especially the 15 year old girls behind me. They were a handful at first but I quickly got used to their screaming and because they were confessing their love nonstop, John occasionally replied to them and looked in our direction.
The climax of the performance for me was not the end but the middle of it when he sang “Heartbreak warfare”. It’s such a powerful song and so right on the spot of every couple’s problems. I love it and the way he performed it was so strong – I had goosebumps all over me! Then, Gravity was amazing too. That songs obviously means a lot to him because he sang it with such emotion, you could almost feel heartbeat in his voice.

Most of the songs were from his latest album “Battle studies” which is great! He says it’s not his strongest one, but I think it is. I love almost every song on it and would recommend to anyone who appreciates not only a great melody but lyrics too. ^-^

On my way back home I saw this umbrella vending machine at the station.

Japan is famous for its disposable umbrellas that you can purchase almost anywhere for 500 yen. After the rain, however,  they are getting abandoned and scattered all around the city. It’s perfectly ok to use it again and again but many people choose to get rid of them when the rain stops. Anyway, my point is Tokyo is all about the convenience. It’s so easy to find a shop or kiosk where you can buy an umbrella but it wasn’t enough. Now, they have vending machines at the station. I mean I’ve already become quite lazy with everything being right by my side but is it really that good when you don’t have to apply any kind of effort to get something you need? An umbrella vending machine is just another example of this over the head crazy convenience that Tokyo is all about. I mean, look at the picture. Not only does this vending machine sell disposable umbrellas, it also sells big black ones for men and fold-able ones for those who don’t wish to deal with a big luggage. Seriously!

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