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Shelly’s birthday at F bar

Couple of weeks ago (yes, I know, I’m too lazy to blog every day) we celebrated Shelly’s birthday at the F bar in Azabu Jyuban. It’s a trendy place for many fashion related events and a great spot to watch beautiful Tokyoites hanging out. Gow rented their VIP area for the party and invited all of Shelly’s closest friends to make a surprise. She was thrilled!

Surprisingly, food wasn’t bad at all. You wouldn’t expect a bar that’s famous only for it’s name to serve any decent food but it was quite nice.

We had a great three hour party there and then, after ditching all the working models who couldn’t drink, we headed back to Roppongi and stayed in Feria (VIP again, thanks to Shelly’s friends) till the time I could no longer bear all the testosterone in the air. Men are stupid. One look and they think they stand a chance. And it’s so painfully hard to shake them off too..

Close to the morning, I went to Muse in Nishi Azabu to meet up with Dima who was partying there with his friends. Somewhere along the way on the street, I discovered absolutely wasted Serezha who was partying all by himself and we walked together to Shibuya to have an early breakfast.

It was quite a night but I’m glad I could hang out with all my friends at once. ^-^

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