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iPad mania

My friend is the founder of the Appbank company – developer of iPod apps. On the day of iPad’s official release in the US he promised to get me one using his development connections. However, close to iPad’s official release in Japan, it became impossible to get it via his private channels due to the extreme shortage of stock. Nevertheless, he stayed true to his promise and decided to get it the hard way. He gathered up his team and went camping in front of the apple store in Ginza. He stayed there on the street, in the line from 3PM yesterday till 10 AM today waiting for the doors to open. He and another couple of hundreds fanatics spread their blankets all the way down to Yurakucho and played games on macs all night long!

In the morning, apple staff was distributing water and food to keep them alive and ready for a countdown. Then, the press came and I saw my friend in the 8 AM news staying in the line with his entourage.

On the day of release you can get only two boxes per person, that’s why he needed as much people as he could get! Some went to Omotesando softbank, some to Apple store in Shibuya. By 11 AM they brought back to the office more than a dozen of iPads including the one for me!!!

I have completed my collection! Now I have the whole package of apple products (minus mac air but who needs it when I have iPad). I’ve already downloaded some very cool apps and books and movies including the series finale of Lost and latest episode of South park. I also tried ibooks of course – it’s awesome!!! Can’t wait to upload all my magazines on it.

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  1. You are so lucky to have all these gadgets. Just found your blog…love it ! will bookmark it now. Hope to see you again someday. Take care.

    October 10, 2010
    • Hey Farah, thank you! Ive checked your blog too! So cute! These gadgets are just the top of the iceberg hehe – I am really a nerd, I love my toys!

      October 10, 2010

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