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My poppies

A couple of weeks ago I took a trip to Chiba to see the blooming of one of my favorite field flower poppy! Ever since I was a little girl and read The wizard of OZ under the blanket with a flashlight I become fond of the vast flower fields full of poppies and cornflowers and clovers. My grandmother used to grow poppies in her garden because she often used its seeds for pies and cookies. So they were around me my whole childhood and it was such a treat to see a big poppy field again after so many years.

They were in full bloom and in so many colors. The best ones were of course red and pink ones. They way they tremble in the wind was almost magical. I just sat there and watched them dance..

Poppies grow nicely together with cornflowers so whenever you see a poppy field you can always spot patches of bright blue among the vast of red. I love running the field of wild flowers. It’s so liberating and it gives you so much positive energy and makes you remember how everything was so pure and carefree. 

Now, I am back to Russia for a vacation and tomorrow I’m going to my mom’s summer house that is right by a huge field of fireweeds. I’m so gonna spend most of my time there. ^-^

Accidentally tragic..

Its been a crazy couple of weeks and I’m still very busy but because my client is slow to reply I have a couple of minutes to write about Mika’s concert in Tokyo (yeah, yeah, I blog at work). Two weeks ago me and my minions went for a massage at a new place opened in Shibuya and that’s when Gow told me about Mika coming to Tokyo.

I couldn’t believe I missed that info because I am a huge fan. But luckily that very same evening I could get a ticket online and join Gow the next day. Yay internet! The show was really good and that’s what it was – the “show”. I like when a good singer just comes to the stage, grabs a microphone and sings his soul out like John Mayer but when he also performs and entertains, that’s when all the extra fun comes. And Mika is a natural showman, absolutely fantastic at what he does and the greatest things of all – it doesn’t look forced in any way.

It looked like he was just having fun on stage and we were watching him from outside. At one point he said “What are you gonna do Tokyo? It’s my party!”.

The stage was decorated into a cemetery but with exotic birds, pink and purple flowers and skulls with smiley faces. The whole show reminded me of a Mad hatter tea party –  gloomy and whimsical like a brightly colored nightmare of a child.

Mika’s music is wrapped around his experiences as a child and I’m sure like the rest of us he also refuses to grow up. And why would he? When he can dance around in crazy outfits with bunnies and corps brides or blow up a huge balloon in a form of a girl’s leg and push it into the crowd! By the way, he did it for his song “Big girl – you are beautiful” and it was awesome!

After each song he looked like a little boy with naughty look on his face, probably thinking “Look at all this mess – I did it!” He opened and closed the show with “Relax” – one of my favorite songs. He sang it again at the end because I guess he didn’t expect the crowd to keep wanting him after three encores!

Towards the end, all the monsters came out carrying a huge puppet. Guess what? The whole show was about a puppet funeral. Mika did a little prayer by the puppet corps and then killed everyone on stage including himself. As sick as it was, he made it look so funny! I think Tim Burton would be inspired by the crazy toy wonderland that is Mika’s mind.

I took a video of some of the songs and put it into a complication movie.

Admiral shoes – catalog shooting

Last week Vincent called me and offered a job  – a photo shoot for British shoe brand catalog. I was very excited to do it because Laura was also in it and I haven’t done any work with her ever since our last Bera-bera segment for Sma-station.

The concept was a lot of fun. We all wore Admiral sneakers but the rest of the outfits were inspired by a classical Cabaret scene. At first I was supposed to play the role of a singer but then it changed to a dancer so instead of gorgeous sparkling white dress and satin gloves, I got black wig, tiny shorts and fishnet tights – pretty embarrassing for someone with body issues..

Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun to get into a role of a perky little dancer and see other people (Laura and 4 male models) transforming into a gorgeous Great Gatsby crowd.

My makeup took ages! I had 4 fake eyelashes on each eye. There were so heavy but made my eyes look big so I never complained.

In most of my scenes I had to either pose with a stick or interact with male models.

One guy got the taste of my screaming in a scene where I had to act angry and another one had to tolerate my shoe right in front of his face. Why do I always get to play someone mean? ^-^

The catalog is going to be released in August so hopefully Ill get to post some of the official pictures on my blog later! ^-^

After the shooting, we met up with Vincent and went to a bar to watch soccer with our friends. World cup mania gets to you whether you want it or not. ^-^