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Admiral shoes – catalog shooting

Last week Vincent called me and offered a job  – a photo shoot for British shoe brand catalog. I was very excited to do it because Laura was also in it and I haven’t done any work with her ever since our last Bera-bera segment for Sma-station.

The concept was a lot of fun. We all wore Admiral sneakers but the rest of the outfits were inspired by a classical Cabaret scene. At first I was supposed to play the role of a singer but then it changed to a dancer so instead of gorgeous sparkling white dress and satin gloves, I got black wig, tiny shorts and fishnet tights – pretty embarrassing for someone with body issues..

Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun to get into a role of a perky little dancer and see other people (Laura and 4 male models) transforming into a gorgeous Great Gatsby crowd.

My makeup took ages! I had 4 fake eyelashes on each eye. There were so heavy but made my eyes look big so I never complained.

In most of my scenes I had to either pose with a stick or interact with male models.

One guy got the taste of my screaming in a scene where I had to act angry and another one had to tolerate my shoe right in front of his face. Why do I always get to play someone mean? ^-^

The catalog is going to be released in August so hopefully Ill get to post some of the official pictures on my blog later! ^-^

After the shooting, we met up with Vincent and went to a bar to watch soccer with our friends. World cup mania gets to you whether you want it or not. ^-^

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