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Ежик в Hayama

Couple of weeks ago I went to Hayama’s museum of modern art (MOMA to see the exhibit of Russian animator Yury Norshtein. One of his most famous works is my favorite animation “Hedgehog in the fog”.

I watched it every time it was on TV when I was a child. The author used a number of mixed techniques to create his animations – that’s why his works received a lot of attention abroad. I don’t quite understand the meaning behind the story but everyone watching it can sense a lot of hidden messages behind each scene. My friend Rodion – an art critic, could probably write a dissertation on it – no doubt. I personally like it because hedgehog’s mission (to count stars with his friend bear while drinking tea with raspberry jam) is something very close to what we did in my family. Every evening my grandma would make an “evening” tea for me and my baby brother and we would drink it with homemade raspberry jam while chatting or watching cartoons in the living room. Very often it was the “Hedgehog in the fog” that we watched just before going to bed. We used to imitate hedgehog’s moves and repeat his famous phrases and make fun of the parts we didn’t understand interpreting them in our own ways.. The exhibit is over but you can see the animation here :

The museum itself is a very beautiful building sitting right in front of the beach – famous for its surfing crowd.

The season wasn’t opened yet so there was still a lot of construction going on. The beach clubs were preparing their summer houses for the crowds. Next week “Tsuyu” – rainy season is going to be over, that’s when the madness begins.  The density of people on an average Japanese beach during the peak season is same as in the rush hour train arriving to Shibuya station – better be avoided at any cost. However, if you go as far as Hayama (20 minutes by bus from the nearest station) you may get lucky and find a patch of sand that nobody sits on. ^-^

I personally like the beaches with no people whatsoever so I prefer visiting them off season, preferably in winter. ^-^

After Hayama we walked back to Kamakura to see blooming Ajisai and visit an ancient temple called Zuisenji famous for its natural garden.

As always, close to the lunch time my husband started to check famous eating places by using Tabelog service and as usual after spending 40 minutes of searching and failing, we ended up eating some bad soba noodles at some tourist oriented joint.

If you really want to eat good stuff while traveling, your whole schedule should be arranged around the restaurant reservations – otherwise, with endless Japanese crowds you will never find yourself lucky enough to eat what your guidebook recommends to you. ^-^

Although we did get lucky finding a really good Italian gelato. The owner is Italian and he uses only organic stuff to make his ice creams. If you wonder how a beetroot ice cream tastes like, look for Gelateria Il Brigante near Kamakura station.

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  1. Emi #

    Good evening, Mrs Natalia!
    I love Mr.Norshtein’s animations too.
    His works move me to study Russian.. It’s impressive *^^*
    Yojik’s moving! it’s funny and so cute.

    July 12, 2010
  2. SERU #


    July 13, 2010
    • サンキュー!でもサンクトの写真はちょっと時間がかかる。。まだ半分しかもらってない。

      July 13, 2010
  3. Emi #

    I’m sorry I made a mistake,

    I want to say that Mr.Norshtein’s work “moved” me to study Russian!
    So it’s memorable for me..

    July 13, 2010
    • Yes, his works are a bit dark but they all have sense of lost romance and fragility – I love it about him. ^-^

      July 13, 2010
  4. vvvvv #

    hello nice the meet you
    you are russian?

    July 16, 2010

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