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10 days of summer

My trips back home are very emotional to me – every time I come back from St.Petersburg I am painfully homesick and desperately seeking the reasons that keep me away from my family and friends. It is especially hard in summers when the weather is perfect and the city is so awake and bright and offers a lot of fun activities that doesn’t include me.. My 10 days in St.Petersburg each summer is all I can hope for but thanks to my family I usually get the most out of it.

This time, because of my brother’s wedding we mostly stayed in the city so I had plenty of time to catch up with my old friends. As usual, everyone seemed to grow in my eyes, evolve into some kind of better versions of themselves – polished and completed and very successful. My childhood friend whom I shared a school desk with for 10 years is now a very scary lawyer that also gives lectures in University that my cousin attends to. I heard her talking on the phone with someone and in the lifetime that I know her I have never thought she can be this intimidating.

And then, my friend that I used to hang out with last year of college is now working directly under the minister of land and transportation(?). He sounded very important and very busy. I ran into him at the airport on my way to Moscow.

My best friend Anna has changed to. For one, she’s got long hair and skepticism – two things I could have never imagined her with.

We went to Pushkin together and asked our common friend who became a full time photographer to take some snapshots of us in the park. The last picture we took together was when the pink hair and Dr.Martins’ platforms were still in style so I thought it was about the time. ^-^

The weather was on the verge of rain but once in a while sun came out so we kept chasing it around the park. ^-^

We walked around the Alexandriskiy park and discovered the ruins of an old Mason tower.  It was closed for viewing so of course we had to see it. Luckily all three of us were skinny enough to get in between the iron rods of the gates and into the premises of the tower.

It was magnificent and a photo shoot location to die for. Unfortunately my photographer friend overdid the post-processing and never bothered to give me the original raw data so I am not posting much pictures from there.

On our way back to the station we saw Ekaterininskiy palace in all its glory and a long procession of foreign tourists that took a group carriage ride around the park.

After Pushkin, we headed back to St.Petersburg to eat lunch, drink milkshakes and watch ballet. Every time I am back home, I am literally feeding on milkshakes from “Идеальная чашка” because the stuff they make is the closest version of what I used to drink as a child. I love it so much, I can easily drink 2 or 3 at once. Actually 3 makes you sick so don’t try it. ^-^

Anna’s friend could get us cheap tickets to “Конёк-горбунок” ballet in Mariinskiy theatre and I really enjoyed watching it. As the story evolved I began remembering it piece by piece realizing now as an adult that Russian folklore fairy tales are actually quite cruel. ^-^ I mean I have heard that story a million times as a child but it never occurred to me up till now that the characters and the plot are almost inhumane.. ^-^

The front dancers were quite good and even good looking. Everything they did looked so effortless and airy. I wish I had it in me to be cruel to my body to make something beautiful out of it…No pain, no gain…

I really love these two pictures because they express my mood at that moment and also show St.Petersburg sky in the evening. The rainbow picture of the local iMAX cinema was taken around 8PM and the bridge one around 9PM..

Since it was sunny and hot each day, we used every opportunity to take a ride to the beach and enjoy the rare St.Petersburg scenery of people tanning and swimming and playing softball. This is Alex, Anna and me on Krestovskiy island’s beach by the yacht club.

And this is me on my cousin’s bike. I just couldn’t resist jumping on it. Ever since I got my driving license I feel fearless. ^-^

He joined us later for lunch at “Zima-leto” – yacht club’s open air restaurant with pretentious food and crowd but good view to the bay. Then something funny happened. A little girl walked right into our coach, sat in between me and Andrey, took her shoes off and even tried to eat from our plates before realizing that she misunderstood the location of her family’s table. ^-^ When she saw that we are not her mom and dad, she put her shoes on and walked away. A funny little thing!

This is a new member in the zoo that is my cousin’s house. She has 10 pets and now also a brand new hunting dog. His name is Patrick and I love him.

Then, we also went to the birthday of my nephew Victoria. She is 1 year old and doesn’t care for anything except brightly colored plastic cubes and strawberries. But no, her parents had to go all the way and organize a huge 20 guest party with a hired photographer and designer’s cake and fireworks and Blumarine dress for the baby..

Or maybe they just needed an excuse to throw a party! Nonetheless, it was kinda fun to meet Andrey’s friends and realize that I know some of them from my teens. Hopefully soon, that hired photographer will give us the pictures so I can post them here. We took a funny one. My aunt brought a framed photograph of toddler me, Andrey, Alex and Liza standing next to her in the zoo so that we can re-create the image this many years later. On that black and white picture Alex was the smallest of all children but now he is the tallest so he had to kneel to make it look right. ^-^

This is me and Polina – Liza’s daughter who has already signed up with a modeling agency.  She is as determined to become successful and famous as Dima. ^-^

I love this picture of her – an innocence in its pure form. Freshly out of my teens, I have been chasing it for a while but no, it’s gone forever…I guess it’s sad for everyone to realize that the perception of world you had as a child is no longer there..

This is Alex, playing hoops in the backyard. He took my geeky glasses and never returned them.

The rest of the pictures were taken either on dacha or wedding. Coming up soon! ^-^

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  1. Emi #

    ah Fantastic!
    I want to go sightseeing to St.Petersburg someday..

    I’m also seeking the reason why I’m living away from my family now ( I’ma univercity student.)
    Homesick is hard to overcome.
    Even I’m in Japan and in a prefecture that next to my home pref. X-D

    August 2, 2010
  2. SERU #

    So many photos and so many people!!Great..and that mason tower is something fantastic – so mistique..

    August 2, 2010
  3. vvvvv #

    LOL! she is cute!! i love it^^

    August 3, 2010

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