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Dalrae’s birthday BBQ in Omotesando

Last week my friend Dalrae invited me over to her friend’s house in Omotesando for a terrace BBQ birthday party. The place was gorgeous. Many of her friends are foreign bankers who rent really nice real estate in the most posh neighborhoods in Tokyo and this house was no different. The owner also happened to be a very good cook. The entire evening while people were drinking and having fun, poor guy was making food – grilled scallops, tandoori chicken, beefsteaks etc. He never left the BBQ station. In his own words – cooking food on fresh air is the best therapy one can get after a long working week. I want to believe him, only it was +35C outside with almost 100% humidity…The guy was just too nice..

I met some Russian folks from Vladivostok at the party.  As always I asked them to teach me some local slang. After talking to Serezha and Dima about our hometowns, I realized that the words we use on an every day basis are sometimes different depending on the part of Russia you are from. ^-^

Because we are so far away from each other, the values are also different. For example, going to Japan for a person from Vladivostok is the same as going to Finland for a person from St.Petersburg – a casual occurrence. But for each other, it looks like such an exotic destination. It’s also the same for the food we eat and cars we drive. It’s funny.  I could never imagine a Russian who doesn’t know what “Ryazhenka” is..^-^

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