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Seven for all mankind x Mika Ninagawa opening party

Last Wednesday, I went to the launch party of a new collaboration between LA based denim brand “Seven for all mankind” and Japan’s renowned photographer Mika Ninagawa. I have known her work for ages. Ever since I visited an exhibition in Shinjuku dedicated to the nominators of prestigious Kimura Ihei award and saw her work there, I became a huge fan. You can actually see a picture and tell in an instant that this is her work. She has a very unique style that portrays every day objects and nature in a vivid, dynamic form. Pictures are often taken from quirky angles to create an unusual sense of proportion and distance.

This time, she has produced a seven limited-edition pieces for the Seven’s summer collection. My favorite is the black jeggings with flower print. I just wish they didn’t cost 27000 yen, especially because it’s only 198$ in the US.

The party was packed with people. I met some of my friends there including Elizabeth – an event producer who now works as an account manager for Tokyo based PR company. She was the one getting me the job with Joe’s jeans 5 years ago. ^-^

I went to the party with my fashion buddy Serezha. He knows more about fashion than any of my female friends so whenever I am invited to such an event, I immediately think of him.  ^-^

Later, Rodion joined us as well. Not surprisingly, he either knew or was known by half of the people in the room.^-^

There, at the party we also met Jonte Moaning – a musician, singer and dancer who worked with Beyonce and Janet Jackson. In fact, he was the once creating a choreography for Beyonce’s “Freakum Dress” video. He also has recently released his first album in Japan.

The catering was done by a Moroccan chef – really friendly and amazingly talented.  Moet et Chandon champaign non-stop and these colorful amuse bouche that look like cakes but in fact were little sandwiches with salmon, mushroom pate and carrot jam.

And this is the second time for me to see DJ Mondo. I’ve met him before at some other party but I can’t seem to remember which one. He is very extravagant and friendly as well.

After the party, we went for a quick bite at some cheap izakaya where we happened to sit next to an old Japanese lady who was absolutely wasted. She actually thought that me and Serezha were Rodion’s children. ^-^

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  1. RETUZZI #

    You bought that jeans finally? :)

    August 23, 2010
    • no…not yet…still thinking whether i should spend another 300$ for like 20th pair of jeans…

      August 23, 2010

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