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A month ago I left my brand new iPad on the airplane on my way back from Sapporo. I sometimes loose things but I always seem to remember exactly where and when it happened so I knew for a fact that I left it on the side of my seat. However, it was only a week later that I realized it. After calling to JAL and Haneda and New Chitose airports I still couldn’t find it. I did find an iPad but as it turned out, it wasn’t mine.. Funny, how someone else managed to leave it on the plane shortly after it’s release. ^-^ I was quite shocked not to be able to find it. I have subscribed myself to a bunch of digital magazines – iPad edition and I never got to read any of them. Plus all my personal data was there too.

Of course I was very sad and couldn’t let go for two weeks. On the third week, I decided to give it another try and call the airports again, this time leaving my contact information with them just in case.

Sadly, nobody could find it but two days later I received a call from Abashiri police department telling me that they have located my iPad!!!! I couldn’t believe it! Apparently, after arriving to Haneda, the plane went back to Hokkaido but not Sapporo – Abashiri.

The reason it wasn’t found right away is the same reason I forgot it in the first place : the side of the seat was black – same color as the cover of iPad. If the seat is vacant, it is actually hard to realize right away that something is there.

After filling all the papers, I have finally got reunited with my toy but not before the police department apologized to me profusely that they won’t be able to pay for it’s delivery to Tokyo. Hello? Isn’t it like a given? Of course I am the one who should pay for it but no, they felt the need to apologize!

Time and again, I re-confirmed the fact that Japan is the safest, most honest country to live in. Who would spend three weeks trying to locate me just to return an expensive and hard to get item back to me? That’s madness! Everything I have ever lost in Japan – my mobile phone, computer, sunglasses, jewelry, shoes.. was either found laying exactly where I left it or returned to me by someone. Thank you Japan and thank you Abashiri police department!

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  1. wow! true, amazing things like this only happen in japan!! it is almost more unlikely that something won’t reappear, don’t you think? this is one the reasons why i love this country, too :)

    August 27, 2010
  2. Exactly! I was surprised I couldn’t find it at first! I couldn’t imagine anyone taking it for personal use – this is Japan! And I was right! It wasn’t stolen! ^-^

    August 27, 2010
  3. Stahli #

    It’s incredible but true!!!Congratulations, Nat!

    August 27, 2010
  4. Mia #

    Here, people’s stuff is not attractive. I have the feeling here people only enjoy propriety when the did the shopping with the money they worked hard to make. Which is a great way of thinking. Oh yes we love Japan for that !

    August 28, 2010

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