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My brother’s wedding

This year my little brother got married. I have been meaning to post professional wedding pictures and that’s why procrastinated so long but the photographer is still working on them and can’t guarantee to be done in another month.  That’s the downside of hiring someone famous.. So I’ve decided not to wait any longer and post the ones that I made with my Lumix.

However, on the day of the wedding, I happened to forgot camera’s battery at home, haha how typical of me. In the morning, me, my brother, his bride Anna and the above mentioned photographer Masha ( went to the park where I was in charge of filming their photo shoot and occasionally holding some props like umbrella and golf clubs (humm…yeah my brother wanted my dad’s golf clubs in his wedding pictures)… Anyway, later my mom joined the party and brought me my battery from home – only again I was in charge of filming the ceremony so I didn’t get to photograph anything. So to sum up, most of my pictures are of the guests, enjoy!

The wedding ceremony took place in a beautiful small garden in Pushkin – a pretty classic garden wedding with white benches and string quartet and little strawberry cakes with campaign for the guests.

That’s the only picture I have of the two of them during the ceremony. I took it right before giving my camera to my mom hoping she would take some snapshots while I was filming. Unfortunately, she cried the whole time so that was a pretty bad idea..

There were a lot of flowers. In Russia, we have a tradition of giving flowers to the bride and groom. A pretty silly idea considering the fact that for almost 100% these flowers end up being either left at the venue or brought back to the parents’ houses where they find their peaceful ending. ^-^

So this is me in my brand new Rebeca Taylor dress and my mom in a dress I bought at I am so good at internet shopping – the dress fitted like a glove. Next to us is my cousin Liza in RED Valentino dress.

This is Alex in a tailored Kenzo suit and Andrey – my other cousin, being fashionably late as always. ^-^

This is Polina – my favorite niece.

These are my two best childhood friends. We all grew up in the same projects, rebelling together through the teens. I should post some of the pics from those years back when Stas had hair and Oleg was in a hip-hop band. Oh and I had 11 inches platform shoes and pink hair. ^-^

After the ceremony, Alex and Anna performed a rumba routine they have been practicing for months.  The song they chose was the theme song from my dad’s favorite movie “Meet Joe Black”.  “It’s a wonderful world” played when my brother proposed to Anna and then again during their first dance as a married couple. I really like this tradition and I really miss it here in Japan. The wedding should be a beautiful manifestation of love and not another nomikai…

This is my cousin (yeah another one, I have four) and me dancing. He just got kicked out of University and re-admitted again (thanks to Alex) and all because of a girl. As romantic as it is, he was pretty dumb especially knowing that there is nothing but army waiting for him once he quits his studies.

These are my relatives including my favorite aunt who is so funny I always end up dying in convulsions every time we talk. Whenever she can’t think of the right word, she makes one up – really it’s hilarious.

More relatives – Liza and Katya, Andrey’s wife.^-^

This is Polina and my cousin Alena. They are both 13 and both are really smart and mature. They already have part time jobs and boyfriends. I was still playing Barbie at their age…

At the end of the evening, girls played “catch a bouquet”. Anna threw it from the balcony for the unwed girls to catch but you can also spot several wed ones who just want better husbands, hehe.

The cake was beautiful and delicious but I wish it didn’t have the fireworks. I don’t know who started it but nowadays all the wedding cakes in Russia come with this ridiculous attribute.

As soon as I get the professional pictures, I’ll update this post but for now, that’s it guys! ^-^

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  1. Sooo beautiful!
    An you are so right about the way of weddings here in Japan. I miss the sweet and romantic side..
    I love the picture of the beautiful 13 year old girls. So stylish and cute!

    September 7, 2010
    • Ahh thank you so much! Can’t wait to see you at your own wedding party! ^-^

      September 7, 2010
  2. Everyone is so beautiful and oshare! And you niece is really cute – true russian beauty

    September 7, 2010
    • Thank you! I think so too! She is gorgeous!

      September 7, 2010

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