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BBQ on Tamagawa

Last week, me and my friends from work had barbecue on Tamagawa river. I guess as everywhere else in the world, it is one of the summer traditions so whether you do it on a beautiful nature or under a train bridge with hundreds of others (like in our case), it is a lot of fun to eat grilled food, drink cold beer and enjoy your summer.

The riverside of Tamagawa for ages was the place for barbecue in Tokyo but because hundreds of BBQ stations were there each weekend causing all sorts of maintenance, local government has decided to charge 5$ per person from now on. So, the idea was to enjoy the crap out of it before the new law kicks in. ^-^

A day before, our team went to mark the place under the bridge – the most popular spot away from the unforgiving sun and went shopping. Then, woke up early the next day to prepare everything for cooking before everyone else came in. That’s another example of just how fanatically organized Japanese people are and how they never fail to go an extra mile to make it a little bit easier or a little bit more fun for everyone else.

I was in charge of yakisoba station! ^-^

We also made grilled beef and pork, shrimps and scallops, corn and sweet pepper, baked salmon and potato with butter.

There were neighboring tents with DJ booths and beach chairs and even professional filming equipment. ^-^

The weather was terrible +35C and almost 100% humidity. Add barbecue smoke to that equation and you can get the idea why  I call it a bitter sweet experience. Me and my girlfriends occasionally had to escape to the river to cool down. ^-^

On my way back home, I saw a very funny scene that is quite typical for Japan : female fans in the subway taking pictures of their idols’ poster with their mobile phones. The idol industry in Japan borders on ridiculous. Female fans, especially unmarried office ladies spend enormous amounts of money on novelty goods, concerts and DVDs. They also stand in lines for hours to be able to see a teenage singer or TV drama actor getting into a car and driving away.  I saw it so many times when I was working on Sma-station with Katori Shingo.

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    September 7, 2010

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