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Some copies are better than originals

I love covers and I love when my favorite artists sing covers of some famous songs because each time they make them sound like their own. It’s really amazing how many directions you can go with just one song. I have just discovered one of the epic songs  called “Pauses” originally written by Russian band “Time machine” performed by my most favorite Russian band “Splin”.

Here is the original version

And here is the Splin version

Another example is Tori Amos version of “Smells like teen spirit” originally performed by Nirvana. Tori Amos was introduced to me by one of my closest friends when I was freshman in University and since then she is the only female singer/songwriter I listen to nonstop. ^-^ Her version of Nirvana’s mind blowing song is so soulful and so intimate I get goose bumps every time I hear it.

And of course, everyone is familiar with a brilliant remake of “Mad world” performed by Adam Lambert. I mean seriously, I had no idea that this song was this beautiful! ^-^

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