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Fashion’s night out 2010 – Tokyo style

FNO is an international event created in 2009 by none other than Anna Wintour (editor in chief, Vogue US) to encourage consumers to support fashion industry in declining economy and to develop a bigger awareness of fashion’s role in our daily lives. Whether it’s Dior or Gap – every major brand joined in to support the idea and showcase their collections. I don’t know about last year, but in 2010 FNO corresponded with the fashion week in NY so it received a huge coverage. It even got into Gossip girl’s season 4 opening.

Tokyo was one of the 16 other cities participating in the event so of course I couldn’t miss it.

The opening was held in Omotesando hills – a luxurious department store that houses the likes of Galliano, Dolce &  Gabbana, Jimmy Choo etc. and the hostess was Japan’s very own super model Tominaga Ai.

Oh and because it’s Japan, the event had it’s own special character Pom chan created by Takashi Murakami who collaborated with Roppongi hills and Louis Vuitton couple of years ago.

We watched the opening fashion show, had a quick bite at La Boheme and then went shopping.

During FNO all the shops were open until 11PM from Harajuku station to Minami Aoyama (Prada, Chloe, Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, Diesel, Yoji Yamamoto etc.) and each was offering free champagne, ice cream, makeovers, special items and a stamp rally that gave you a chance to win something big like a Fendi bag.

We started at Dior and then moved to Chanel, Burberry, Ralph Lauren..

By the way, Ralph Lauren is opening a new shop “Rugby” on Cat street which promises to be something like Abercrombie & Fitch. The opening is in two days, same day as the opening of Topshop mega store in Shinjuku. I saw the new building 7 stories high and it all belonged to Topshop. I guess that business is doing great in Tokyo. I wonder if they finally start to sell all pieces from Kate Moss line now..

This is us in front of Chanel. Fur is back in.. Surprise, surprise!

This is me in front of my favorite store Marc by Marc Jacobs. I hate it’s recent popularity in Japan.. Now, almost every major department store has MJ shop in it and you can spot a lot of MJ bags around the city.. I just wish I could keep it all to myself..

I bought there couple of things including this beautiful red polka dot scarf. I am so in love with it, can’t wait for autumn to come!

Then, we went back to Omotesando hills for a party and more cocktails. Some famous DJs from I think m-FLO and/or Teriyaki boys had created quite a crowd there so it was a lot of fun.

I was taking a lot of pictures (as always) and annoyed the hell out of guys – sorry darlings but I need my report material!

Our last stop was Laforet department store with Topshop and Kitson on the first floor. They had a party of their own with stuffed animals, fake snow and funny looking bodyguards. ^-^

More pictures from FNO here:

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  1. Nusy #

    Nata, it’s really cool!
    Miss you much!
    From Russia with love,
    Anna Kubishkina

    October 1, 2010

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