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Trip to Enoshima

A few weeks ago, me, Laura and Vincent went to Enoshima for our last dip into the ocean before the season was over. Summer houses were already closed but because of that there were only a few people on the beach – the best condition ever (you can actually see the color of the sand)! ^-^

There were a lot of birds though – seagulls, crows and huge hawks that happened to attack Laura. One of them went down and tore a chunk of her sandwich – crazy!

She gave me a gorgeous new XOXO bikini that tripled my boob size because she really hated my flat MJ one I wore last year.  So I went into the water and modeled it for her. ^-^

And these are the pics she took of my brand new Rachel Pally beach dress. I bought it online in spring but didn’t dare to wear all summer. Despite the fact that I bought size XS, the dress was too big for me in every single way (either jersey or Rachel Pally’s sizing went really wrong). To fix the hem alone would have cost me 80$ – half of the dress price so after hesitating and quite frankly almost throwing it away, I took my scissors and just cut 15 cm off it. The hem now is horrible but at least I can wear it. ^-^

In the end it got really dirty and heavy with water so I had to change into my always favorite Abercrombie attire. ^-^

So all we did that day was just stay in water and play with birds.. I always feel so blessed to have such peaceful moments in my life.. Just me and my friends, white sand and salty wind – what else do you need?

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  1. :)i am drunken now..but check your blog and smile

    October 9, 2010
  2. Haha, great first week at work? I hope to hear all about it! ^-^

    October 9, 2010

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