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Last weekend..

Last Saturday, my friend Vincent asked me to help him record his second live performance. He put me in charge of the video and photo shooting for the rehearsal and the official part. I was so proud of myself because it was my first time to deal with unfamiliar video equipment. I managed to set everything up within 5 minutes.

He invited a lot of musicians to accompany him which really enhanced his performance. He did his own versions of “Zombie” and “Lemon tree” – my favorite songs from the end of 90s as well as bunch of original stuff.

When it was over, we had a little after party where I got to meet some of my old friends and drink a really good wine. ^-^

Here is the picture of Vincent’s fans who also came last time. In fact, right after Vincent announced his third performance date, I saw them buying tickets online using their mobile phones. I think he is ready to build an army. ^-^

The next day, I felt like catching a cold so I stayed home and watched DVD the whole day. Recently, I rent everything online so watching an actual DVD is something I didn’t do in three years. ^-^ I rented a movie I so shamelessly happened to miss two years ago. It’s called  “2 days in Paris” and directed by one of my favorite director/actress/singer/songwriter prodigy Julie Delpy.  Her new movie is reminiscent of my generation favorite “Before sunrise” and “Before sunset” sequel only her version is much more bold and stripped from any kind of embellishment that is so typical for any Hollywood movie. This movie is what I call a “lyrical comedy” where things are shown exactly the way they are. I especially loved the scene where a Boyfriend is trying to put a condom on and a Girlfriend is taking her glasses from a night stand, puts them on and tries to help him under the sheets. It’s so funny and so real – I can relate to almost any scene in that movie especially to the arguments about the cultural differences and cries for acceptance. The soundtrack was written by Julie herself and it’s really great too! Watching French movies makes me want to learn French so bad! Three words I learned watching the movie : Soiree, Genial and Arrêt – only a trillion more to go. ^-^

This movie proudly goes into my top ten!

I also must have been slightly depressed on Sunday since I rushed into organizing stuff. I discovered a big bag full of old postcards I purchased at museum gift shops over the years and decided to use them as my toilet decoration. ^-^

I’m going to rotate them every month since I have hundreds more. ^-^ Me and my husband are frighting over whose postcard goes to the wall. For now, it’s six mine and five his. I won! ^-^

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  1. Ou! Finally movie review from you. i will check everything :)

    October 26, 2010
  2. Oh hehe. Don’t get me started. I can make you a list of everything you HAVE to watch but I know you never listen to any of my advice…

    October 26, 2010

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