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Kindle – my number one toy!

A new addition to my gadgetry – Amazon kindle, the latest generation – a courtesy of sweet husband of mine who gave it to me on my birthday!

The E ink screen is unbelievable – it looks like a page in a book, no glare even when I read in the bright sun. It’s also so slim and so light I can hold it in one hand and read in a packed train or in gym without worrying how to free my other hand to turn pages! The size and weight are perfect – I can carry it in my bag every day – not like iPad that weights me down quite a bit. And the battery is a miracle – it lasts one month on a single charge!

But the coolest thing of all is a built in WI-FI 3G which allows me not only to buy books anywhere anytime under 60 seconds but to also browse the internet for free. I can check my email or look up something in google. All I’m paying for is the price of a book, the rest is free! I’m already on my second book and I can’t stop reading. I downloaded two books that I decided not to buy a while ago because the font in the paperback was so small. With my life in front of PC screen I really have to take care of my eyes. Guess what? Kindle allows me to change the size of the font to the very very big so I could get those two books and read it in a format that was good for me, how cool is that?

Kindle is also a big space saver. In my tiny Japanese apartment, every cm is precious so buying a new book always called for a big decision on where to put it! My bookshelves were packed, the only other option would have been the floor.. The day I got kindle I got rid of all paperbacks! Now, my bookshelf is very fancy – only language, travel and art books are left and a lot of extra space to fill in. ^-^


It turns out I can highlight my favorite parts in the book and store them as quotes! How awesome is that? The other day, I was complaining to my husband that they only thing I cannot do with kindle is to take a pen and highlight the good stuff, but apparently not only can I do that, I can also easily access them as lists!!!! J’adore!!!!

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  1. You are the only girl I know who writes about all these gadgets and Apple products with the same passion as when talking about fashion

    November 3, 2010
    • Haha, Japan turned me into a monster! ^-^

      November 3, 2010

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