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Dancing in the rain

Yesterday, we went to Le Baron de Paris x Colette Japan fashion festival halloween party at Shibuya’s brand new Belle Salle. I had no idea the party would be this huge – two enormous floors, one with live performance, another one VIP. Thanks to some friends we got ourselves to the VIP floor where I saw some of the famous folks from fashion and entertainment industry.

I went there with my Russian friends – Anastasia dressed as Marilyn Monroe, her sister Sophie dressed as rock star/ John Galliano, Irina dressed as red riding hood and me as queen of hearts. There was also Serezha who got dressed as Clark Kent before the superman makeover! ^-^

I took pics with some crazy folks like this dude in samba attire. He smelled like coconuts and his skin was covered in glitter.

I recognized the guy dancing next to me and drinking champagne right from the bottle as Matsuda Shota – Japanese actor from the TV drama that I was briefly in called “Hana yori dango”. It’s funny how recently I decided to make a compilation video of all my appearances in Japanese TV dramas and had to watch the entire “Hana yori dango” to be able to find myself in it and how just a few days later I meet a guy from that drama. ^-^ He was very charming and spoke very good English!

This is me and the Queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland. I initially wanted this costume but remembering last year’s torture of wearing a synthetic wig to the overcrowded Halloween party I changed my mind.

In the morning, we were returning home in a pouring rain. It was really a “Notebook” type of rain where you hardly see anything in front of you. I was soaking wet when I got home and today typhoon is keeping everyone home. Hopefully tomorrow the weather is going to be fine as there is a whole new bunch of Halloween parties in plans. ^-^

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  1. It was really great night!
    I completely forgot that you were in “Hana yori dango”! so cool..
    And look what I found – blog of Japanese girl

    October 31, 2010
  2. Woow! Japanese girl who speaks Russian! You should send that to Dima, he will be thrilled that she and many others who commented watch his show!

    October 31, 2010

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