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Russian retro party at Fiat

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a Russian retro party at Fiat cafe in Gaienmae. I admit this is an old post but I just didn’t have enough time to write about it with all the Halloween preparations. ^-^ The party was organized by Russians – for Russians and their friends from other countries who respect Dima Bilan and Cheburashka. I saw a couple of Japanese girls wearing all sorts of “Фабрика звезд” novelty goods and proudly singing “Ягода-малина”! ^-^

The music was retro and I mean really pre- and post Perestroyka hits like “Алые розы” and “Бухгалтер” and “На теплоходе музыка играла” with occasional video clips from  “Маски” and “Абдула” and New Year’s favorite “С легким паром”! The dress code was red, blue and white but some went even further, dressing in “вареные джинсовые куртки” – washed jeans jackets and colorful spandex leggings and mini skirts aka my badass mom 20 years ago.

There were two girls in particular who came dressed as “Комбинация” – a popular 80s girls band.

We stayed through a lottery where Anastasia managed to win a box of chocolate candies..

Then did a 50 people long train for Lambada orgy and danced through all the hits of Валерий Леонтьев.

At the end, everyone got so drunk – we started to recognize each other from the years of modeling work we did together on various locations. There were so many familiar faces I felt myself like a 10 year old at a pioneer camp’s discotheque.

Soon, there is going to be another Russian party called Revolution at Odeon Roppongi. Here is the Facebook event :!/event.php?eid=157933357575731

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