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A triple birthday party in Shibuya

A few weeks ago, three of my Russian friends had their birthdays only a few days apart so we decided to celebrate them all together at the same time in a cozy Italian restaurant in Shibuya.

For any restaurant that profits partly on its ambient atmosphere, 8 foreign girls and especially Russian can mean only one thing – lots of noise, so they immediately offered us their VIP room – separated from the rest of the dining hall, dark and gloomy. In normal circumstances I would prefer that but I was with girls who wanted to party so a small dark lonely room just wouldn’t do. ^-^

We picked a big table in the corner of the main room and in return asked for wine to keep coming nonstop. ^-^

I’ve met with the girls on various modeling jobs because remember if you are a young foreign girl or boy living in Tokyo, you can score yourself almost any modeling job you want, from a national Mazda commercial to a 25 meter high billboard on a big Department store. So I’ve met Natalie (on the right) when we both had to portray Greek Goddesses for Sanma’s 50th birthday (big Japanese celebrity comedian). Then, I’ve met Anastasia and Inna on Sma-Station (Japanese variety show hosted by a famous boy band singer) that we did together for a very long time.

The rest of the girls were their friends – all working models. You can probably see all of them in every wedding catalog or magazine out there.

After Italian restaurant, we went to my favorite Spanish bar and had some more wine. They even let us into their wine cellar to make our own selection.

Both, Natalie and Anastasia are experts on wine so it was fun choosing it together. Anastasia even took sommelier classes. ^-^

It was nice drinking with the girls because even after four bottles of wine, none of them lost control. Our conversation did become slightly inappropriate though but that’s a given. ^-^

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