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Christmas Illumination in Midtown and Roppongi hills

Yesterday, me and my husband went for a walk to see Christmas illumination in Roppongi hills and Tokyo Midtown – two architectural marvels in the heart of Roppongi.

Each year, they come up with a different theme and every time it is something original and executed at a highest level. You know how Christmas lights are sometimes just thrown on trees? Well, here in Japan, they are all carefully wrapped around each branch of the tree making it look absolutely magnificent. Today, I went to the gym and right there in front of it was a huge tree all wrapped in lights, every big branch and I just felt such a big respect and admiration to those workers who did all that in just one night because in Japan, all Christmas decorations are being established and then demolished overnight so nobody would see the messy work behind such beauty.

So, Roppongi hills went with blue theme this year calling it “Artellegent Christmas” sponsored by Samsung electronics. Last year, it was Tiffany and all the lights were red. The main spider square was decorated with thousands of ethereal looking candles.

Then, Keyakiza alley trees were as usual all lightened up with blue lights.

And just to make my point about meticulously decorated trees, here is the picture of one:

Mori garden had a huge chandelier installation right in the middle of the pond, really breathtaking. Here is the detailed information on all the illumination spots in Roppongi hills:

Then, we moved to Tokyo Midtown which is like 10 minutes walk from Roppongi hills.

Their Starlight garden was even more spectacular and that is something you absolutely have to see. The installation was sponsored by Emirates airlines and it had smoke and flying pixie dust and crystal-like illumination.. I was mesmerized like a child!

The trees around Ritz Carlton hotel in Midtown were decorated into sparkling champagne glasses or so it looked to me. ^-^

I just love Christmas and in Tokyo where Christmas is just another reason to spend tons of money, its celebration is elevated to the level I have never seen before. Its not really related to religion – you won’t see any nativity scenes in the city but if you are looking for an original and artistic Christmas experience, Tokyo will definitely inspire you.

The details on Midtown Christmas attractions:

There is another spot I want to visit – the new Marunouchi international forum near Tokyo station. I bet their decorations are one of a kind as well..

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  1. fantastic……..

    November 26, 2010
  2. I’m going to Roppongi tonight to see the decorations. Can’t wait :)

    December 20, 2010

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