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Love is in the air

A quick post on my brand new Macbook Air! I bought it a month ago but didn’t want to blog about it till I give it a try. So, here are my finds:

  • It’s small and slim enough to carry in any of my Marc by Marc Jacobs bags and although it’s still kinda heavy for every day carry-on, I had no troubles bringing it back home to Russia or to the small trips that I took before and after. ^-^
  • It’s fast – I keep it on at all times so whenever I open it, it starts working right away and I really mean it – RIGHT AWAY! If I switch it off and then on again, it will take about 10 seconds to load but hello it is still a big over-achievement in comparison to ANY window PC or other Macs.
  • Yes, I really don’t need a DVD-ROM. I was kinda freaking out about losing this option – as you know Macbook Air doesn’t come with one but as it turns out, I long ago stopped using it without even realizing it. I store all my data on virtual servers, watch or rent movies online, buy music online, buy software and books online. Ah..DVD what? Never heard… Is it something vintage?
  • What else? Ah, the trackpad. Now here it gets tricky. I don’t like it. It’s too sensitive in comparison to my previous Macbook.. I had a little accident a few weeks ago when it stopped working. The reason was a hand cream that got transferred onto the surface from my hands. Later on, I realized hand cream is not the only hazard – the trackpad stops working whenever my fingers are cold or too dry or too sweaty.. I have to clean it almost every other day for it to work smoothly.. I don’t really mind doing it at home but when I travel it gets a bit too complicated.. Does anyone else have similar troubles?
  • The speed of performance doesn’t go down with the decreased amount of storage space. My old Macbook was hardly working when my photos and videos folder exceeded the amount of 150GB. Macbook air can work with no free space available as fast as it would if it was empty. Therefore, all my media opens and loads in a second. A pretty big thing for such a small computer. That is actually the reason why I went to all the trouble of changing my computers at the busiest time of the year.
  • It has SD card slot! Yay! Ok, not a new thing – most of the nowadays computers come with one but I was using a 2 year old Macbook before and it didn’t have one so I am thrilled to finally throw away my SD card adapter. Bye!
  • It doesn’t get hot, plus the battery is quite good. My old Macbook was getting hot and loud when it was tired – a good heating device for cold winter evenings but a really horrible nightmare during summer. I couldn’t use it on my lap.. Now, the problem is solved! Thank you, Apple! ^-^

I am also very excited about a new iLife upgrade but I haven’t started using it yet. I am in the process of sorting all my photos and videos now the old fashioned way – in a folder because adding and deleting pictures directly in iPhoto can really mess with it’s head. But once I am done, I’m gonna transfer everything into iLife software and tag all the faces and extract all the footage of just me from all the videos I ever took – yeah, you can now do it automatically and yeah, how narcissistic of me, hehe.


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  1. I am itching …. :)

    January 20, 2011
  2. Hehe, maybe your next computer will be Mac? I still can’t believe you bought a windows PC after all my Mac talk! I have absolutely no influence over you! ^-^

    January 20, 2011

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