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LUMIX G VARIO HD 14-140mm – my new lens!

Ever since I returned from my trip to Patagonia, I have been dreaming to buy a new zoom lens for my Lumix GF1. I went on an epic trip to the end of the world with 20mm pancake lens – what was I thinking? I missed the opportunity to take truly amazing pictures of wild animals because they were too damn far away from me..

Of course when researching various zoom lens, I realized that the one that I want 14mm-140mm costs over 700USD. Luckily, my husband – the smart guy that he is helped me get it for only 300USD. What we did is basically this: I bought GF2 camera lens kit – a new generation of my camera with 14mm – 140mm lens as a set for 1000USD, then we sold the body for 700USD at yahoo auction Japan and voila! I got my lens for 300USD – sometimes the ridiculous side of Japan works to my advantage. ^-^

So today, I took my new lens out for a walk in Meguro. It is a bit too dark too shoot indoors but outside it does magic. Here, I am posting a couple of pictures I took with 10x zoom like this tower mansion (…yes, that is typical Tokyo sky ^-^)

This picture was taken with 5x zoom – paparazzi style! ^-^

This is the traffic light above the highway – also 10x zoom. With plenty of light, the sharpness is amazing!

Delivery mopeds – 5x zoom

Early sakura in “Rinshi no mori” park in Meguro – 5x zoom.

Walking in the park – 10x zoom.

This one is my favorite – I didn’t have to kneel down or bend to take this picture.

And speaking of the wild animals – I got the shot of my first one! ..Only it seems to be someone’s pet – according to the Facebook statuses – not uncommon in the central Tokyo. ^-^

I guess the zoom on my lens is still kinda small to take a good picture of the moon but the ornament on a roof 5m high? No problem! ^-^

So, to sum up I am very excited about my new lens especially because it also takes good video with a super fast auto focus. I am all set for my Spring trip to Kyoto. ^-^

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  1. Cool! And today and tomorrow probably you have wonderful landscapes to take

    February 14, 2011
    • Yeah, only I think the snow will melt by tomorrow so no luck until it snows again on weekend.. ^-^

      February 14, 2011
  2. bf #

    uh, i like the traffic light and the leaf of course! youre pretty good at taking pictures ^-^ glad you’ve managed to trick the japanise system and get your lens this cunning way, it’s clever and funny indeed.
    ps: how do you think you can get lens strong enough to photograph the moon landscape?

    February 22, 2011
    • Hehe, well I could go for one of the telescopes sold at Bic camera.. When I was in Patagonia, there were lots of Japanese tourists with lens that expanded so much they had to hold it with both hands – Im sure that kind could take a decent picture of the moon if not of the surface than big enough to fill the frame. ^-^

      February 22, 2011

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