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A little tribute to my company (coz I’m bored..)

My company rented another floor in our building to make a cafe and rooms for afternoon naps and overnights. I remember how it was just starting – people were working day and night, sharing desks, sleeping on the floor under tables, eating cup noodles and Yoshinoya gyudons. Now, we have a fancy lounge cafe, rooms for naps and nobody and I mean it, nobody is going to be here during Golden week.We’ve come a long way since the nose-bleeding overstressed days to the present time when our love for work is rewarded with the environment that makes us happy.

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Easter in Tokyo 2011

Happy Easter everyone! This year, Orthodox Christians and Catholics are celebrating Easter on the same day which is a rare occasion and very special since it unites us all in the main Christian event of the year.

Last night, me and my friends went to Nikolai-do to participate in a “Крестный ход” and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was raining but by the time the procession with icons and candles went outside, the rain had stopped so we could enjoy a very nice walk around the Ochanomizu neighborhood. The bells were ringing and the night crickets were singing along with choir – it was amazing!

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All things April

I haven’t been blogging in April, mainly due to the fact that ever since I gained a little bit of weight by eating junk food out of stress, I’ve been using every free minute to exercise. So far, I haven’t lost much weight but I hooked up on running. It’s the perfect kind of work out for me because it’s free, I don’t have to go somewhere to do it and I can enjoy Tokyo’s scenery along the way. Each time I choose different direction which helped me discover a great open cafe, a nice park and several secluded hanami spots. ^-^

So what was happening in April? First things first – lots of earthquakes. On April 11th we got big one and then another, each one getting closer and closer to Tokyo. On Saturday it was Chiba, yesterday it happened in Nagano.. I can only hope they won’t escalate..

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