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A little tribute to my company (coz I’m bored..)

My company rented another floor in our building to make a cafe and rooms for afternoon naps and overnights. I remember how it was just starting – people were working day and night, sharing desks, sleeping on the floor under tables, eating cup noodles and Yoshinoya gyudons. Now, we have a fancy lounge cafe, rooms for naps and nobody and I mean it, nobody is going to be here during Golden week.We’ve come a long way since the nose-bleeding overstressed days to the present time when our love for work is rewarded with the environment that makes us happy.

Our lounge cafe now has a huge TV with blue-ray DVD and video games. We also have massage chairs and our very own photo gallery where we will display our works under various themes. Now, I’m trying to push aroma therapy in my own division and yoga classes in the evening. ^-^

My work too has changed tremendously. I used to use a 13 inch notebook PC for everything, even for the pixel by pixel design work. I had this project for several years where I had to produce 8 sets of avatar items a week on that PC. That’s how my eyes went from 1 to 0.2… Now, I have two 27 inch desktops and my work usually consists of watching the Daily show and writing comments on Facebook… ^-^

That’s me in 2003 with my infamous notebook PC before it broke down and I lost all my data. ^-^

And that’s the little pixel thingies I had to make. The project doesn’t exist anymore so I can publish it here. ^-^

It’s just a couple of hours away from the beginning of my Golden week which will last 10 days this year!! And instead of watching a new episode of Southpark I decided to take a minute and say thanks to my company and all the people I work with because honestly all sarcastic jokes and bad attitude aside I am really happy to be where I am and I hope we will continue to grow and flourish together. ^-^

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  1. kul!a new portion of inspiration for me koz now I m in nose-bleeding period :)

    April 28, 2011

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