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Die Katastrophe via skype

A few weeks after the big earthquake in Japan, I was contacted by a German production company and asked to give an interview via skype. They were making a documentary on the events after the quake and tsunami.

I was reluctant to participate at first because I live in Tokyo where nothing really happened except for panic and the disappearance of water and food for a couple of days. The radiation still scares us because the food comes from the affected areas but my story of not having my favorite salad for dinner or being forced to cook with mineral water is nothing in comparison to those who lost everything… But the girl who interviewed me said that they needed different stories from people living in different cities so eventually I agreed to do it.

So here is the documentary in three parts. It’s in German but I also have it in English now so when I have more free time, I will upload it on youtube. ^-^

Part I

Part II

Part III



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