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Hayato opening party in Roppongi

Yesterday, me and Laura went to Hayato’s opening party in Roppongi. Hayato is a hair salon specializing in foreign hair and I have been going there for more than 5 years. This month, they closed their Aoyama shop and moved to a new place in Roppongi which is bigger and more beautiful. I am happy they are doing well but I hope they won’t start charging more just because they got fancy and all… ^-^ The interior is amazing though – a grungy, vintage boudoir type of setting, reminded me of second life. This style was hugely popular when I was playing the game..

Hayato first opened in New York 20 years ago, then in Tokyo 4 years later and recently in London as well. I have heard their hair straightening service is very popular abroad. All the stylists are Japanese but they speak English and use foreign colors and hair products. It is very essential if you are a blonde girl living in Asia. I never looked for another salon after discovering them.

The catering and music band were great too. A New York jazz singer Miwa Watanabe came to perform just for the occasion.

This is my stylist Taichi. He knows how to color and cut fine hair like mine. I am meeting him next week for a fresh highlight. ^-^

Oh and the new salon has beautiful new chairs that are so soft and comfortable. They have a private room with a shower as well. Could be great for moms with kids although they will probably use it for facials and massages.

Not to sound like someone who is paid to say it but they do have 30% off discount now for all the first-timers so if you are living in Tokyo and looking for a professional who knows how to handle foreign hair (without cutting the hell out of it like they do in Japanese salons), give it a try or just pop in for a consultation. It’s free. ^-^

Is this seat taken?

Last Sunday, I went to Daikanyama to check a new development project – Daikanyama T site. It turned out to be a big architectural compound with Tsutaya and Starbucks cafe in its heart. There are many similar Tsutaya/Starbucks marriages like this throughout the city, the most famous being in Q-front, Shibuya and the latest one in Think tower, Oosaki. Now, Daikanyama has it’s own hub for coffee & books lovers. The bookstore is huge and is separated into several buildings. Now there is a whole shop dedicated to just photography and design – I can stay there all day! Cafe is big too with a terrace and tables outside. The only downside to it and every other open cafe in Tokyo is that it is overly populated. The crowds in Tokyo kill every dream of leisurely sitting outside, sipping your coffee and reading a book. If you are lucky to get a table, there is always someone breathing down your neck…

If Japanese folks like open cafes so much why not make more of them? But then again, the price of land is so expensive, not everyone can do it… You know how in Europe restaurants and cafes just put their tables and chairs outside on the pedestrian public road? Well, that unfortunately won’t work in Japan where every inch of everything is regulated by gazillion of different rules and restrictions…

Oh, yesterday someone told me that there is a new Starbucks in Kamakura with a terrace and a pool and that it is so popular, people are actually lining up to get a seat there… Madness…

This is why, when I go to Bali or Singapore and see a Starbucks with an open terrace and tons of empty chairs facing a lily pond or Marina bay, my jaw drops and I take pictures of this phenomena. A prime spot where you can sit, drink your coffee and enjoy the best view on the city and noone is taking it??? ^-^

By the way, from new year I am starting to post bigger pictures. My old theme allowed me to post only 420px wide pictures but ever since I changed the theme, the pictures can now be 610px wide, yay!

One fine day..

My friend from work collects vintage cameras and whenever he buys a new one, he tests it on me. Usually, we just go outside of our office during lunch time and take some photographs. This camera was pretty old, the one you have to look at from the top. It takes nice vintage photographs and I just love the softness of light it captures. Here are a couple of shots he took of me and my friend Sachi right before we went on New Year’s holidays. ^-^

Photographed by Hiro

Lens:Carl Zeiss Planar 1:2.8/80